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Brand & Books


Ramon Shiloh offers creative services centered around: art, books and literature, advertising, branding, logos, merchandise, collaborations, media, directing voiceovers, food narratives, etc.  His broad spectrum of capabilities provides captivating perspectives which consistently develop unique brand campaigns and initiatives.  His process includes molding silos of information or ideas through their fractured states into stimulating and digestible offerings; while utilizing his authentic storytelling techniques.

Shiloh’s community-first approach is essential for any company, organization, or network valuing change in order to positively impact and uplift complex topics and/or issues during these turbulent times.  His methodologies bridge demographics by assisting in the decision-making efforts between indigenous and non-native peoples by focusing on communicative solutions through advertising, issue advocacy, social media, word-of-mouth marketing, and overall corporate identity.

Solution oriented products bond providers with their audiences by assisting both parties in developing long term sustainable partnerships and creating strategic collaborative success.  Shiloh’s professionalism is widely known and his abilities to empower generates involvement and enthusiasm which deliver extraordinary results.  His business partnerships are consistent, lasting, and continually building product confidence which motivates all identities to be heard, seen, and experienced in our modern world.

“Ramon is an amazing storyteller and his style of illustration really brings the pages to life.”

Chris Eyre, Director of Smoke Signals

“Shiloh’s images of Otter and other animals are so beautifully done and he keeps his illustrations so amazingly simple, you never get distracted from the story.”

Kathy Peltier, (Daughter of Leonard Peltier)


For Corporate or Non-Profit Organizations looking for Shiloh’s expertise in this field, contact Shiloh using the link below: