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Community Partnerships

I want to help them identify the process, structure, and technique of storytelling in their everyday lives. Children have had a difficult run expressing truthfully their fears, accomplishments, or dreams in a socially-awkward-networked world. I want to guide them in trusting their instincts and holding ownership of their actions.

Shiloh has volunteered at educationally focused non-profit organizations for almost three decades.  As a writer, artist, and instructor he curates thoughtful insights, teaches analytic skills, applied knowledge, and distributes tools relative to the creative mediums of Art, Food Sovereignty, Writing, and Spoken Word.

He successfully and effortlessly engages with youth in a powerful learning exchange where they focus on developing proposals and implementing deliverables, to achieve learning objectives and goals.  Shiloh states,

Ramon has made a huge impact uplifting our community as a whole. He connects with everyone in a strong way. It’s not just a meal for their bodies but it’s also sustenance for their mind, heart and spirit. 

Russell Brooks – Southern Cheyenne
Executive Director for Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theater

Utilizing this philosophy, he contributes perspectives that help expand youth’s knowledge and their overarching relationship to self.  He has a way of tapping through the minds of non-Native and Native learners with a series of interactive and experiential learning exercises all can feel mutually proud of.  Through differing approaches, he skillfully encourages imagination initiatives that envelop students and community participants alike.  Shiloh’s capacity to relate to diverse audiences, while maintaining and enhancing his cultural integrity, demonstrates his words in action and completes the lessons for the youths in which he invests.


Any family/community services to inspire native or non-native youth, and build interpersonal relationships in this field, feel free to contact me